July 12, 2001

The Answer Is Yes

Lego porn

The interesting thing about lego porn is how much it resembles non-lego porn. Who came up with the idea of coming in a woman’s face, and how did this become part of the porn canon? Did men come in women’s faces a hundred years ago?

Actually it’s not difficult to understand. It’s a marking of territory. You are mine, my possession, because I come in your face. If it’s degrading it’s because the underlying mindset is degrading – a mindset in which women are things to be possessed and in which possession is expressed by degradation; a mindset in which one’s value as a man is measured in terms of what one possesses and can therefore degrade.

Anyway, fine. What I especially loved was the text. Or I loved this as much as the images. A sample:

Prostitute: “Hello there sir would you like a date!!!”
Policeman: “I am an officer of the law!!! Which means THE ANSWER IS YES.