February 23, 2003


>am suddenly in Sao Paolo, where it’s summer. I
>was very close to getting bumped and receiving
>a travel voucher, which meant I would have
>showed up at your apartment again and
>temporarily fulfilled your prophesy of me
>forever trying and failing to leave you.
>another question about syllables. (I know, I
>know, I know: I am BAD with syllables.) when
>there’s a lonely vowel in front, like ‘alone’
>or ‘equator’, is that vowel a syllable?

Alone is two syllables. Equator is three. I can’t get my fucking keyboard tray to work is eleven.

I’m really glad to hear from you so soon is also eleven. As is, sorry you didn’t get that travel voucher.

Me and my godforsaken prophesying is, eerily, eleven as well.

Evidently a lot of sentences are eleven is, paradoxically, fourteen.

Love is one,