July 29, 2003


Remember when some guy used the Oblivio search function to dis me? The following week someone else used the same technique to not only praise me but dis my dis-er. Here are the ten top search strings from that week:

  • 7,290 for “fuck him you rock”
  • 51 for “hi mike”
  • 30 for “love letter”
  • 25 for “eh guy s a fuckwad don t sweat”
  • 25 for “i love you mike”
  • 24 for “your site rocks”
  • 22 for “you are so cool”
  • 19 for “dont listen to them”
  • 15 for “cheer up i like your site”

Yes, fuck him you rock was searched on 7,290 times. One assumes – prays, really – that the operation was automated.

Also I lied: only nine results are listed above. I left out #4. #4 was the best. #4 is the phrase I want used if I ever appear in a documentary and some identifying text is shown at the bottom of the screen. It is the phrase that belongs, had I the courage, at the top of my business card; the phrase that describes my best self better than any phrase ever: dear man weird but dear.