October 17, 2001


I washed my clothes with a friend at a place in Santa Cruz called Ultramat. Halfway through, a woman walked in and put her clothes in the washing machine next to mine. She was kind of frumpy, with frizzy hair and baggy pants. I found her totally irresistible. (The moment I saw her, I told my friend I wanted to pull those pants right off her.)

As we were leaving, I noticed that she had disappeared but that her clothes were still spinning in a dryer. This gave me an idea. I ran to the car, tore off part of a paper bag, and frantically scribbled a note on it. The note read:

I just wanted to tell you that you’re totally beautiful and that I really like your pants.

I signed the note, “The Guy With Round Glasses,” and added a p.s.: “Goodbye forever!”

I left the note spinning in her dryer.

That was nine years ago.