June 25, 2003


My thoughts divide roughly into three categories: memories, observations, and fantasies.

Fantasies include desires.

Probably there’s a better word than fantasies, one that encompasses both fantasies and desires, but what would it be?

Also, what is a word for what happens in my head when I read? I want to call this mastication, but that seems different from the things above.

Anyway right now an ice cream truck outside my window is playing that insipid ice cream truck song over and over. You know the one. If I could I would gladly and without remorse smash the truck’s speaker into a smoking heap of metal and wire. This is both an observation and a fantasy.

Also, had I previously seen someone do this, or had done it once myself, or had once fantasied about doing it and had now, hearing the song again, remembered my fantasy, it would also be a memory.