August 6, 2003

Song 4

This song made me realize you are capable of hearing what I hear but in such a way that it becomes something else. Of course this is always true, about everyone and everything, and yet I still manage to forget it. It’s as though I forget I have a shadow.

In the film I watched last night, a woman gazes out the window during a fight with her lover and threatens to take up with the first man she sees. In the next scene, she carries through on the threat, following a random man to a train station and staring at him as he buys his ticket. Then we see the man calling his wife from a hotel where he’s in bed with the woman. He tells his wife what has happened and says that he’s going with the woman to Barcelona. In Barcelona we’re treated to numerous shots of the woman’s naked breasts in the moonlight. The film could well have been called Naked Breasts in the Moonlight. In his journal, in 1913, Kafka wrote: “Went to the movies. Wept. Boundless entertainment.” I didn’t weep but became sleepy.