August 19, 2003

Song 17

Song 17 is Nick Cave’s “The Weeping Song.” I found the production bombastic. As I listened I thought that Nick Cave would be a really intense person to have over for dinner.

Also something in the music made me remember a time when, high and freaked out, a man appeared in my head and helped talk me down. He was older and had a nice voice. I was so stoned I didn’t realize I had conjured him.

Then I remembered the time I got caught in an undertow. This is not a metaphor for something; I got caught in a real undertow and couldn’t get uncaught. The shore was right there, with hundreds of people on it, but I couldn’t get to it. I thought of calling for help but was too embarrassed to do so, so close to the shore.

Nick Cave would have yelled his fucking head off.