February 18, 2012

So Delicious

When I woke this morning I discovered a So Delicious wrapper on top of my alarm clock. Seeing it I realized immediately that it was a message I had left myself last night, doubtless just before turning out the light, a message to remember something. Only I couldn’t remember what.

Similarly, a few weeks ago I discovered that I was wearing my watch upside-down. Again, I knew this was a message to myself, and I even remembered the moment, earlier that day, I had turned the watch upside-down. It was during lunch with Sohrab at S’nice. He noticed me do it, and we spent the rest of lunch discussing the vagaries of memory. Later, though, when I discovered the upside-down watch, I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to remind me of. In my frustration, I eventually I called Sohrab, but he couldn’t remember either, nor was he certain that I ever had told him.

I eventually let go of the upside-down watch, but I’m still stuck on the So Delicious wrapper. In fact I just taped it to the top left corner of the bathroom mirror. This way I’m bound to see it each morning when I wash my face. My hope is that the repeated reminder will spark my memory of the original message.

Addendum: On re-reading the above, I realized that I might forget, yet again, what the So Delicious wrapper is supposed to remind me of, so I got out a magic marker and wrote the following across the front of the wrapper:

Found on alarm clock. What was I reminding myself to fucking remember?