October 17, 2002


If I were someone else and came and told myself my problems, my response would be something like, “This is who you are, get used to it.” I would be tough with myself because that’s how I am with people I care about.

For example, I recently I told a good friend that she should stop trying to be a different person so that some guy will fall in love with her. At best the guy will fall in love with who she’s pretending to be, which can only mean trouble once he realizes he loves a performance.

I also told Will to stop claiming he wants a serious relationship when what he really wants is pussy, preferably youngish pussy, let us say in its late-twenties and belonging to a woman of a certain look, why lie about it?

The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. This is a quote from a famous thinker. I often use quotes when talking with my friends about their problems. Sometimes I make up the quotes and attribute them to the sort of writers my friends respect but have never read; say, Pascal or Voltaire.

The main thing is that I wouldn’t let myself off the hook. No pretending to want to change or be capable of change when I have no intention of changing, now or ever. We don’t change, wrote Goethe, we just change our delusions.