March 7, 2002


I had brunch with some friends this past Sunday. I don’t understand brunch. Why do we need a special hybrid weekend-only meal? With tax and tip I paid $16. During the week the same meal costs $7. One of my friends said something interesting. He said that in a perfect world he would watch two movies every day and get high. I suppose I can relate to that, although I rarely watch movies or get high. But I like the idea (from a distance!) of having pleasurable experiences all day and not producing anything.

The restaurant was called Dizzy’s. Despite ominous clouds overhead, we ate at a table outside. I half-wanted it to start pouring, just to see what would happen. The restaurant was packed, with more people waiting for tables, so it wasn’t as though they had room for us inside. I figured that if it started raining, we would be forced to stand in the aisles, plates in hands, or maybe crouch in the hall that leads to the bathroom. That would have an EXPERIENCE. Alas, a few drops fell on my bagel, but nothing major.

My friend confessed that most days he watches two movies and gets high.