November 2, 2005


For several months now I’ve been carrying around a little pocket-size notebook. I keep it in my jacket. It’s there in case I think of something to write.

The notebook is made by a company called Roaring Spring and it’s the plainest one I could find. The cover is black with a gray swooshy logo at the bottom. And while it’s a nice enough logo, simple and unobtrusive, I would still prefer that it wasn’t there.

I keep the notebook in the right-front pocket of my jacket, along with my favorite kind of pen, a black uni-ball extra fine point, which I clip to the notebook’s front cover to prevent it from falling out of my pocket. So far this has worked well.

At my gym I carry the notebook everywhere I go, along with a little towel and water bottle. Whenever I ride the recumbent exercise bike, I slip the notebook into a slot at the back of the bike. When I started doing this, I was concerned about forgetting the notebook. Twice I’ve done this with keys. But so far I’ve always remembered.

I thought of writing my name and phone number on the inside front cover, just in case I lost the notebook, but unfortunately the cover is made of plastic and can’t be written on. If I wanted to, I could write my name and phone number on a piece of paper and tape it to the inside cover, only that seems too much.

The notebook came with forty-six sheets. I remember standing in the aisle of the stationery store thinking that forty-six was a strange number. Why not fifty? This almost prevented me from buying the notebook, but then I told myself I was being ridiculous.

I’m glad I listened to myself that day; it really is a nice notebook – small but not too small, and nearly as plain as possible. Unfortunately I’ve yet to write anything in it.