May 19, 2002


A thoughtful reader informed me yesterday that Oblivio is now the #1 search result on Google for the word motherfucker.

Choosy motherfuckers choose Oblivio.

It’s all because of a piece I wrote called Motherfucker in which I explained my decision to build a separate website for my web development work so that, in part, I would be free to write the word motherfucker as many times as I wanted.

Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker.

Motherfucker, the band

When I went to Google to confirm the news, I discovered several other top “motherfucker” sites, including one for the band Motherfucker, “the only truly open, absolutely insane, psycho sexual, rock’n roll extravaganza left in New York City.” This site is #2 in the rankings. I particularly enjoyed the graphics.

#6 was an essay about household explosives: Celebrating Independence Like a Bad Motherfucker. The author, seanbaby (the piece is a part of, a four star recommendation for both profane beauty and beautiful profanity – don’t miss Angry Letters from Angry Christians!), believes that everyone should build and own household explosives, and explains how. I found his arguments refreshing: “We should know by now that America’s freedom needs to be celebrated with the most life-threatening devices we’re able to build. To hell with a few dumbasses firecracking their fingers off. Do you think Abraham Lincoln would have put up with British taxes just to keep you with the correct number of fingers on your dumbass hand?”

#10 concerned Motherfuckers International, which appears to be a legitimate organization in the sense that it exists, or at least has a website saying it does. If nothing else, it has rules: “If you lose your Motherfucker ID (or need a new one due to theft) and all other membership info is unchanged, you must reregister and pay the $10 fee to get a new one – check ‘Get New Motherfucker ID‘ at the bottom of the form. This safeguards you from another Motherfucker getting your Motherfucker ID through trickery.” Evidently some Motherfuckers are attempting to obtain their IDs through trickery – a sad commentary on the motherfucking state of our culture.

I can’t think of a word I would rather be linked to than motherfucker. Every so often I return to Google to make sure Oblivio is still #1.

It still is. I know this because I just checked.

Ah, and now I just checked again. Still #1.

This might take some time to get used to.

Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker.