December 8, 2003


I gave a reading yesterday. I often say I’m happiest when I’m reading, and I suppose it’s true.

Anyway the light was so bright that I couldn’t see anything when I looked up. Just blinding light surrounded by black. But I’m good reader so I made sure to look up a lot. It’s all about connecting with the audience, even when the audience is a roomful of blackness.

There’s this thing I do with my left hand. I stand very close to the mic and hold the pages of the story with my right hand, while my left hand is off on its own, being expressive.

This time, for whatever reason, I got curious about what it was doing. Best I could tell (I could only take a few seconds here and there to check), it was making a lot of circular motions interspersed with an occasional turning-over gesture, or sometimes the two together, a circular motion that turned over.