September 16, 2005


I’ve decided to write something new on Oblivio every day for the next hundred days. This is probably a bad idea, another in a series of self-made prisons, but bad or not it’s still an idea, something I haven’t had in some time.

I do have a few stories in mind to start. For example I’ve been working on a series called Girls I Never Kissed. This should keep me busy for a while, given the number of girls who qualify.

How many is that? Several billion, give or take. Of course if you count the dead, the numbers go up. According to the calculations of Tom Ramsey at the University of Hawaii, approximately 96,100,000,000 people had lived on the earth as of the year 2000, roughly half of whom, one presumes, were female.

That’s a lot of lips to have never kissed. But then I think: Someone did, most likely. It’s a nice thought.