November 4, 2005


I’ve been sitting here for several hours, doing nothing. By “nothing” I mean that I ate a pear, went downstairs to check the mail (there was none), and ignored three emails and a phone call. Mostly I thought. The most interesting thought I had was about a desert island.

I tried to imagine what I would do if I was stuck alone on a desert island with no media of any kind – no computer, phone, television, books, music, magazines… nothing; not even pencil and paper. I figured I would probably masturbate a fair amount, but otherwise what? Wander around the island? Catch fish? Repair my hunt? I decided that I would run each day and do regular stretches and calisthenics, because those things help clear my head. I even decided which exercises I would do.

I also figured I would sleep a lot. But then, how much can you actually sleep? Ten hours a day? Twelve? Twelve hours a day still leaves twelve hours to fill with masturbating, wandering around, catching fish, exercising, and repairing ones hunt. It doesn’t add up.

I decided I wouldn’t kill myself, although I would probably think about it often.

Otherwise I believe the experience would be like certain days in which I end up doing nothing of consequence and feel mildly lousy, until I finally go to sleep and wake up and it’s a new day. Except in the case of the desert island, the new day would never arrive.