September 18, 2005

Girls I Never Kissed – Debbie

A friend told me that Debbie was claiming I had made out with her at Pennysue Gold’s party. This was a lie. I hadn’t said three words to Debbie and certainly hadn’t kissed her.

What to do? On the one hand, I wanted my friends to know that I hadn’t kissed Debbie and wouldn’t have done so if given the opportunity. On the other hand, I had no desire to humiliate the poor girl, who after all had chosen me for the lie.

In retrospect, Debbie’s lie may have been less flattering than I imagined. Had Debbie claimed to have made out with the hunky Mark Goodman, her friends would have laughed at her. I was a believable choice. Or perhaps the lie was genuine, perhaps Debbie liked me and chose me for that reason. It’s even possible she told the lie knowing I would hear about it.

Whatever the truth, I’ll never know because I moved away soon after and never saw any of those friends again.

I didn’t kiss her, though, that’s for certain. I’ve kissed and not told, but never kissed and forgotten.