May 23, 2003


Her technique, she said, is to put her bad feelings on a raft and push them out to sea. If she has time, she sits on the beach and watches the raft float away.

Recently there was a man she liked so much that she made a flag with which to surrender to him. Lacking a proper flag, she used some napkins left over from a take-out burrito. She unfolded the napkins and taped them together with adhesive tape, then waved the taped-together pieces at a particularly beautiful email he had sent, hoping he could feel it.

Whether he felt it or not, he soon did some unspecified thing that upset her so much that on the subway ride home she put the napkin flag on a raft and pushed it out to sea. Unfortunately the flag immediately blew off the raft, where it drifted about idly. This was maddening, but then, mercifully, her stop came and she was able to get off the train and leave the flag behind her.