October 3, 2001


He got to work and felt bad. Knowing it was stupid, he decided to call her. Got into the “press such-and-such for such-and-such” loop. Tried her initials in the company directory. Didn’t work. Called again, hit zero for operator. Operator transferred him. She answered. Her work voice. He felt stupid. Stupid mistake to call. He that said their last conversation left him feeling bad. Could she spare just a minute to talk about it? She said she’d call him right back. The whole thing felt idiotic. He went into the conference room and shut and locked the door, then jumped up and down as though incredibly excited. It was something she once told him to do – when you’re feeling bad, perform an action associated with a happy feeling. It didn’t work. He returned to his desk and took a staple out of something, then went back to conference room and jumped some more. This time it worked a little. The phone was ringing when he returned. It was her. He told her about the jumping. She suggested he buy some candy. He said that candy make him feel bad. Buy some anyway, she said, and give it away. This made him laugh. He noticed he didn’t feel so bad anymore. They had only talked for a minute. Now he’s leaving to buy the candy.