March 4, 2002


Since she was an artist, I figured she would appreciate an unorthodox approach. Plus I couldn’t bear the thought of calling and asking chitchatty questions. Better to skip all that. Better to show I’m the kind of person who isn’t ruled by convention; someone who embraces irony but is not paralyzed by it; an artist, like her, though nothing like her. Also I was concerned that if I wasn’t working from a script, I would screw it up.

So I called her and said simply, “Hi, Kathy, this is Michael, would you go out with me?” Except I didn’t pause much between words, so it sounded more like, “Hi Kathy this is Michaelwouldyougooutwithme?”

She laughed and said yes.

“Wow, that’s great,” I said, “really?”

“Sure, why not?”

After that I was forced to improvise.