March 22, 2002


At their one-year anniversary party, Paul and Julie played a video made on the day of their wedding. People crowded in front of the television to watch themselves, one year earlier, wish Paul and Julie a happy marriage. When Annie appeared on screen, the tape was paused so that Julie could run to the kitchen to get Annie, who evidently did something funny at this point.

Nobody said anything while Julie was gone – it was as though pausing the video also paused the party.

Then Julie returned with Annie and the video was started again. On the screen Annie took a long drag of an imaginary cigarette and said, “We’ve come a long way, baby, but we don’t know where the fuck we’re going.” This got a big laugh, although I sensed that most people had already heard it, either because they were there when Annie said it, or, more likely, because they had seen the video before.

I realized then that this wasn’t just the anniversary of Paul and Julie’s wedding but of their wedding video, and it struck me that someone should be making a video of this event as well, to be played at next year’s anniversary party, and so on.